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Anthony DeRose

Jacqueline DiMera (Anthony DeRose) is honored to be serving as the Rhode Island co-chair for the National GLBT Civil Rights Network and thanks the Queen Mother of the Americas, Nicole the Great, for her trust and faith in her Jacqueline was elected Empress XVIII of the Imperial Court of Rhode Island and currently serves as the President of its Board of Directors. Jacqueline also served as Heir Apparent to the Queen Mother of the Americas and member of the International Court Council, where she was the advisor for the International Under 30 Council and co-chair of the USS Harvey Milk and GLBT Vote 2016 campaigns. In 2016, Jacqueline was the first recipient of the Fredd E. Tree Spirit of Stonewall Award and received the International Royal Order of Absolute Empress Jose I, The Widow Norton medal.


Jacqueline is very active in her community as an activist, involved community member, and fundraiser giving her the nickname of "Rhode Island's Drag Sweetheart." She has served on the board of directors for Rhode Islanders United for Marriage and Rhode Island Pride.


Jacqueline has also reigned not only as Empress, but as Miss Gay Rhode Island 2008, Miss Gay Rhode Island USofA Newcomer 2016 and currently as Miss Gay Kentucky USofA Newcomer 2017. As Anthony, he is the chairman of the Rhode Island Democratic Party's LGBTQ Caucus and served as the state LGBTQ campaign chair for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns

State Co-Chair - Rhode Island

Danielle Logan

Danielle’s journey of activism for our community began some time ago during the beginnings of the AIDS Crisis in the Midwest in the 1980’s, when she answered the call to arms and began advocating for equality for those living and dying of AIDS. Danielle continued to fight for everyone’s rights  including being one of the first to challenge a major retail chain to develop fair policies for transitioning employees, as she continued her own transition in the early ‘90’s. Over the years Danielle has been involved in numerous campaigns to grant fair and equal rights to the LGBT Community, including marriage equality, fair and equal employment protections, and quality health care for our Trans brother and sisters. 

State Co-Chair Hawaii

Nathan Page

I have been involved with the International Court System since I retired from active duty and moved back to the Bay Area in 2000. I have the honor of having been given permanent titles from the San Francisco Imperial Council, (The Baron protector of the Bird of Paradise Empress) and the San Francisco Ducal Council (Knight Commander of the Royal Empire) I was one of the first members of The International Court System Parliament, in which I believed that it was imperative that for all out courts to succeed we had to begin working together and sharing our ideas. I served as the Prime Minister for 3 years, also during this time I was one of the first non-monarch to be asked to serve on the International Court Council. In 2015 I was elected to the San Francisco Imperial Council board of Directors and then as the Vice Chair. With the untimely passing of our Chairman Emperor Fernando, I was then voted as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the remaining term on the board and current serve as a member of the Board of Directors today. As well as my work with the International Court System I also have been active with other International organizations and non-profits.


In my professional career, I am currently the IT Project Manager with Shorenstein Realty, which I have been employed with for 11 years. I currently manage the IT infrastructure for over 7 Billion dollars in real estate, which included Class A buildings nationwide, some examples of that is the Twitter HQ in San Francisco, the AON Tower in downtown Los Angeles and the Bank of America tower in Atlanta. I also serve on numerous round table and Think Tanks around the Bay Area in regards to technology and sustainability. Previous to my time at Shorenstein I worked for OneLegal where I was part of a team that created the process of filing legal documents on-line. I am also a 10 Year Army Veteran and graduate of the Non Commission Officers Academy .

National Executive Director

Nelson Roman

Ward 2 City Councilman Nelson Rafael Roman was born and raised in Waterbury, CT. He is the proud Puerto Rican son of Yvonne Roman.  Nelson has two brothers, one older; David Roman Jr, who is in his final year of being a Catholic Priest.  As well as one younger brother; Ivan Roman who is finishing his Masters Degree in Communications. Councilman Roman also has family members in Puerto Rico in the town of Guanica.   He lives with his partner Manuel Hernandez on Commercial Street, in the Churchill section of Holyoke.  

 Councilman Roman moved to Holyoke in 2011 and immediately became immersed in the culture and fabric that makes Holyoke unique. Overcoming obstacles such as homelessness, and poverty, Councilman Roman immediately began giving back and organizing in the Puerto Rican and LGBT Communities.  He has worked for or with many Holyoke Non-for-profits such as Enlace de Familias, New England Farm Workers Council, LightHouse Personalized Education for Teens, Valley Opportunity Council & Nueva Esperanza to name a few.   He is currently the Executive Director of Nueva Esperanza Inc. 

Councilman Roman is currently the Founder / Board Member of Pa'lante Theater Company & Founding Member / Past President of the Imperial Court of Western Mass Inc. Councilman Roman has also previously served on the boards of Holyoke PRIDE, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center of Springfield, the AIDS Foundation of Western Mass, and Springfield MASS PRIDE.   He has received numerous awards including the Audre Lordes Founder Award (the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition of Boston, 2013), and an International Court Commendation (Queen Mother Nicole the Great, 2014).  In 2017 Nelson was recognized by Business West in its 2017 40 under 40.  

Councilman Roman has filed over 100 orders during his first year on the City Council with a strong focus on his campaign pledges of 2015 to improve schools, have cleaner/safer streets, increase civic participation and to repair/renovate the parks in Ward 2.  He is known for his continued presence in the ward, and as someone who is always available to his constituents, colleagues and others.  Council member Roman has proved time and time again that he is a proven leader, proving real results for the businesses/churches/residents of Ward 2 and Holyoke as a whole.  

City Councilor Roman has been featured in POZ Magazines, is only one of a handful of openly HIV+ elected officials in the nation, was a National Honorary Co-Chair of the LGBT Civil Rights March on Washington DC in 2017.   City Councilor Roman is a 30 year old who has been a civil rights and social justice warrior since his youth. Nelson also serves as the co-chair of the New England Association of Puerto Rican Elected and Appointed Officials, a position he has held since 2015.

State co-chair Massachusetts

Ronda Pacheco

Ronda Pacheco, a straight ally for the LGBT community. Married to Robert Pacheco and mother of two amazing adult children she is very proud of and inspired by every day because of who they are in the world.

Currently, she is the Imperial Prince 43 of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Seattle and Vice President of the Board. She was Miss Golden Gate 2015/2016 of the San Francisco Imperial Court and a volunteer cheerleader for the Pride Cheer Association for over 9 years. She has also been a board member of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates.

Ronda has been advocating, volunteering and fundraising for the LGBT community since 1984. She was at the forefront of the AIDS epidemic providing education and prevention to all. Making a difference for people is truly her passion. Having avenues that are entertaining, or that bring entertainment to communities is a true bonus. When asked the question, why, her answer is simple, “It is who I am. I am a CHEERLEADER through and through!” She believes all people are all equal and all should have equal rights. Building relationships and partnerships for the betterment of communities has been a focus of her's for many years. She is out in our communities creating and implementing programs to keep people engaged in building relationships and creating community and making a difference. For her, this a privilege and an honor. 

State co-chair Washington

Nicole Murray-Ramirez 

(born 1945), also known as Empress Nicole the Great, The Queen Mother of the Americas within the Imperial Court System, has been an LGBT activist for over 45 years and is currently a San Diego appointed city human rights commissioner.[1]


City Commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez has been elected the chair of the San Diego Human Relations Commission (HRC) for an unprecedented four terms.


The San Diego Human Rights Commission comprises leaders from the Religious, Latino, Asian-Pacific Islander, African American and Native American communities appointed by the mayor and the City Council. Murray-Ramirez was first appointed by then-Mayor Dick Murphy, and reappointed by Mayor Jerry Sanders. When first elected four years ago, he was the first openly gay man elected as chair. Murray-Ramirez was unanimously elected chair by the fellow commissioners.


Murray-Ramirez has served the last five mayors of San Diego, and was elected as the chair of the first mayor's GLBT Advisory Board and the first GLBT Advisory Board to the chief of police.


Murray-Ramirez has been a Latino and gay activist for 45 years serving in roles as past national board member of the Human Rights Campaign, past National Chair of LLEGO, the National Chair of Stonewall 25, and the only gay activist in the country who has been elected to all four national boards of the Marches on Washington, DC. He was also elected chair of the Millennium March. He is the past State Chair of Equality California and is currently serving a four-year term on the national board of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. He was also appointed by the county Board of Supervisors to the Regional Task Force on AIDS in the 1980s and has served as a county deputy marriage commissioner.

Within the Imperial Court System, Murray-Ramirez long held a leadership position as President of the Imperial Court Council and 1st Heir Apparent to José Sarria, the Widow Norton. At a Coronation Ball in Seattle, Washington on February 17, 2007, Sarria formally handed leadership of the organization over to Murray-Ramirez. The latter assumed the title "Queen Mother of the Americas".[2]


In 1974, in his drag persona as Empress of the Imperial Court de San Diego, Murray-Ramirez rode in San Diego's first Pride Parade in an open vehicle amid jeers from hostile spectactors. He was among the few to take the microphone and speak at the rally in Balboa Park immediately following. Regarding that day he said:

It was a scary and lonely march down Broadway...Nobody applauded. And most gay people didn't come out to the sidelines because they were afraid.


Murray-Ramirez was grand marshal for that parade on its anniversary 30 years later, was grand marshal in Tijuana's first pride parade, served as chair of the Chief of Police Advisory Board, has served on other state and national boards, was the first San Diegan elected to chair the board for Equality California, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the San Diego Latino Coalition, and was presented the Caesar Chavez Humanitarian Award by the widow of César Chávez

In 2012, Murray-Ramirez successfully spearheaded the renaming of Blaine Street in the Hillcrest neighborhood, to Harvey Milk Street


Coco LaChine 

Coco LaChine has been active in the LGBT community in New York and California for over two decades and is also a well respected in the transgender community nationwide.    


Coco LaChine is the original incorporator of the Imperial Court of New York serving on it’s Board of Directors for many years, and was crowned the Absolute Empress VII in 1993. The New York Court recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and has raised over a million dollars for various gay/lesbian social service and AIDS organizations from its annual Night of a Thousand Gowns. In 2003, the Imperial Court of New York renamed its student scholarship in her honor as the ICNY Empress Coco LaChine Student Scholarship.        


Empress Coco has served on the International Imperial Court Council since it’s inception almost 20 years ago. She is currently Heir Apparent First in Line of Succession to the Queen Mother of the America’s - Nicole the Great, the titular head of the International Imperial Court System(IICS). Coco is a recipient of the prestigious Jose Honors award, and currently serves as President of its Board of Governors. She was editor of the International Court Communique for a number of years and is chair for the Campaign to nominate Jose Sarria to the California Museum Hall of Fame. She is also chairing the Stonewall 50 event for the IICS in 2019. Empress Coco is also credited for her outstanding work in producing the 40th, 45th and the 50th Anniversary celebration of the International Imperial Court System.    


Coco has served on the national boards of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), The Millennium March on Washington in 2000, Stonewall 25 and the Gay Games IV held in New York City in 1994, and is the longest tenured board member of the NYC LGBT Center.    


In 1993, Coco LaChine was featured in the GLAAD “Images” educational outreach poster campaign in over 5,000 NYC subway cars. Coco was the first drag personality to grace the cover of HX Magazine. Coco can be seen in several Hollywood feature films such as "Flawless", "To Wong Foo...Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar", the BBC movie “Stonewall”, and the PBS documentary “After Stonewall” She is also featured in the upcoming documentary “Nelly Queen - the Life & Times of Jose Sarria”.  Coco has been feature in countless transgender photo books, and many literary  books on the LGBT community.    


In 2001, Coco LaChine was among 20 national community leaders selected by the Gill Foundation to participate in the first ever GLBT Leadership Training Program at the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs, CO. In 1994, Coco was selected as one of OUT Magazine's first Top 100 community leader and has also been honored for her community service by the Lesbian & Gay Law Association, Asians & Friends, and All Out Arts, among others.    


Coco LaChine has been involved in the direct marketing industry for over 20years specializing in the gay market. She has served as a consultant to countless companies and non-profit organizations who wanted to target the gay market. Coco ran a successful gay retail store in West Hollywood for many years, and has extensive experience organizing large-scale special events, volunteer management, fundraising and development work.    


In 2002, Coco's professional career took her to California and became quickly involved with the LGBT communities in San Diego and Los Angeles, including writing a column for the Gay & Lesbian Times. Coco was appointed to serve on the West Hollywood Transgender Advisory Board for the past 7 years serving as Chair multiple times, and helped produce the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance for the City of West Hollywood. She also serves on the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.

Cameron Stiehl

Cameron Stiehl was born in Passaic, New Jersey and lived in many locations throughout the East Coast before sky high adventures called her mother to move them to Albuquerque, New Mexico, the hot air balloon capital of the world. There she found a desert home.


Throughout high school, Cameron was heavily involved in the theater department, participating in nearly every major production, and working her way up to President of the local chapter of the International Thespian Society. It was through work in the theater that she first encountered peers who were openly gay. It did not take long for the self-realization to hit, the family bonds to grow strong, and Cameron to come out to friends and family as bisexual. While the personal support system was firmly in place, society in the 80s was not as kind. Very soon, Cameron was fighting alongside her LGBT brothers and sisters resisting unfair treatment, bullying, and unwarranted raids of queer spaces by law enforcement. Raised by a family of strong, bra-burning women’s liberation fighters of the 1960’s, a next generation activist was born.


Cameron attended the University of New Mexico, first majoring in Theatre Arts and finally achieving a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Education. She taught high school for five years before moving to San Francisco where she has returned to acting, filmmaking, and social activism.


By day, Cameron is an ergonomic evaluation specialist and the mother of Corin, now 15, a beautiful little boy with Fragile X Syndrome/Autism. She has appeared in a number of short films, web series, television commercials, and independent feature films. Her alter-ego, Raven Madd Munro, of drag empire La Maison de Munro, comes out for occasional performances. She is also the creator, executive producer, and host of Happy Hour with Cameron Stiehl, a web-based documentary series highlighting interviews with the LGBT community. She also works with the I’m From Driftwood LBGT Story Archive, capturing LGBT stories for that New York-based project in San Francisco, and is a regular co-host of GNews!, an LGBT news webseries.


Cameron served on the local GLAAD auction committee for two years and currently serves on the Board of the Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation (REAF.) Cameron has been involved with the Imperial Court for about five years. For the past year, she had the pleasure of serving as the Imperial Crown Princess of San Francisco and on the International Court Council. She looks forward to continuing her work on the National GLBT Civil Rights Network as the co-chair of Northern California.

Scott Patrick Fuhr-Kenyon

Scott Patrick Fuhr-Kenyon is proud to be named Texas State Co-Chair of the National GLBT Network.


Like many, Scott subscribes to the adage “I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.”  Not long after graduating from Kansas State University, he moved to Dallas and two years later a job transfer landed him in Houston where he has lived for 30 years.


Scott served as Emperor XXVII of the Empire of the Royal, Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Single Star, Inc. in Houston as well as five years on  the Board of Directors, three years as Vice President.  Additionally, he represented Houston on Her Majesties' Parliament. He is the recipient of the International Royal Order of Emperor I Greg Lucio and the International Order of the Double Eagle.


Believing in the importance of using one's talents to help under served communities, Scott has been active in the Houston GLBT community for many years.  Whether organizing community events or or singing in charity fund raising shows, he is happy to use his talents and skills to improve the lives of others. Scott is a long time member of Misfits Houston, a social and service organization, and served six years as Chairman of the Houston Council of Clubs. He is active in the fund raising efforts of Houston's First Family of Montrose, serving as Daddy of Montrose 2012 and is co-producer of three of the First Family titles.


In his professional life, Scott works for Houston's Mayor's Office of Special Events, managing the financial and administrative functions for that office.  In that role he is also responsible for the management of a non-profit Local Government Corporation that collects and administers funding for the city's vibrant Civic Celebration Program.


Scott and his spouse Falcon are celebrating 14 years together, and married in 2014.  In their rare free time, they are usually found petting their dogs and trying to figure out what to do with the backlog of recordings on the DVR.

Charles Rozanski

Charles Rozanski was born March 11, 1955 in Aschaffenburg, Germany, the son of an American father and a German mother. Abandoned by his father as an infant, Charles was raised in a tiny German village in northern Bavaria by his maternal grandparents. After his mother married an American Army sergeant in 1960, Charles immigrated to the United States, where he found himself discriminated against both for his German heritage, and also because the relative poverty of his family forced them to live in a tiny house trailer in the poorest area of his new home in Jackson, Michigan.


This abuse and discrimination continued when Charles’s father was transferred by the army to Benton Harbor, Michigan in 1966, where Charles lived in an all-white trailer court while attending an elementary school that was 90% comprised of pupils of color. The abuse Charles experienced came not from the children of color in his 4th grade school, but rather from a gang of schoolyard bullies of Irish and Italian heritage at the Catholic school that he attended in 5th grade. After numerous savage beatings from these young religious thugs, Charles came to clearly understand the plight of the underdogs of society.


After finally graduating from high school, Charles entered the University of Colorado in 1972, just in time to participate in street demonstrations against the Vietnam War. Charles also picketed Safeway with the United Mexican Students of the University of Colorado (UMAS) to support Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers lettuce boycott, participated in a candlelight vigil at the Colorado State Capital with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and advocated for socially active political leaders in local Colorado politics.


Included among these progressive leaders were Penfield Tate and Tim Fuller, the Mayor of Boulder and a progressive city councilman who wrote the first antidiscrimination ordinance in Colorado for LGBTQ people in housing and employment. Tim Fuller was recalled  because of his sponsorship of this ordinance, but not before Charles spent innumerable hours supporting him during the summer of 1974 in his losing effort.


Since losing that bruising civil rights battle Charles worked diligently for local green belt programs, and was one of the founders of the Boulder County Farmers Market. After 25 years of operating his company, Mile High Comics, and his family’s 33-acre organic vegetable farm, Charles contracted West Nile Fever. After nearly dying, twice, of West Nile-induced encephalitis, Charles was sent on an epic 3-year journey all through the east coast of America by his doctor in order to regain cognitive skills lost due to his illness. It was during this recovery that he discovered the Imperial Court System, and ultimately decided to retire from farming to pursue a life of social activism.


He now is a leading supporter of not only the Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain Empire, but also a major contributor to Feeding Denver’s Hungry, and many other local Denver-area social causes. Named Heir Apparent to Queen Mother I of the Americas, Nicole the Great in 2017, Charles recently was elevated to Imperial Crown Prince of the Americas in recognition of his tireless work for the Imperial Court System.

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